Illustration of B corp certificate

Artfinder is a B Corp!

We’re socially, environmentally, and ethically tuned in.

We want to create a world where art benefits everyone.

As a business guided by deep care, our mission has always been to make art accessible, affordable and a sustainable career for artists. We’re committed to meet the highest social, environmental and transparency standards to leave a more positive impact on the environment and the art world.

B Corp benefits
B Corp making a difference

We’re standing up to make a difference

Our current B Corp impact score is 111.6 out of 200, with 80 points required to become certified. A score of over 100 is considered outstanding! The B Corp certification resonates closely with our mission, values, and how we already operate as a sustainable art marketplace and living wage employer. It challenges us to a new level of accountability and a way to measure our impact.

“We’ll continue to improve the positive changes we’re making, including understanding Artfinder’s emissions impact and vowing to plant one tree for every artwork sold.”

Joshna, CEO
2 years climate impact
2+ years climate impact
Million Tree Pledger
Million Tree Pledger
Top 100 business leader
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How we’re giving back

Artfinder has always supported artists to make a living from their work. In this sense, we have always been a B Corp at heart. But now, we have legally changed the purpose of the business to make a positive long-term impact.

Supporting artists

Supporting artists to make a living

We’re proudly helping artists sell on a regular basis and have contributed to the income of 69.2% of our artists in 2022. We connect with our community through our carefully curated artist ambassador board of eight artists that act as the voice of those we’re here to represent. 

Supporting the environment

Supporting the environment

We partner with Ecologi to fund the planting of 1 tree for every artwork sold. We've so far planted more than 200K trees. We're also a 'climate positive workforce' meaning that carbon is offset for every Artfinder employee, including one tree planted per employee per month.

Supporting our team

Supporting our team

Artfinder is a living wage employer. Fairness is at our core, and we take a stand to ensure that our team is looked after mentally and financially. As a people-centric business looking to make a positive impact, we believe this starts at home with looking after our staff.

“I've sold more than ever before and the vast majority of my sales come through Artfinder – a God-send during the pandemic.”

Artfinder artist Julia Swaby

Artfinder extends far beyond our staff.

For us, becoming a B Corp is not just talk – it’s a true reflection of our mission to create a meaningful impact in the world. From planting a tree for every artwork sold to supporting more artists than ever before, read how we stay true to our commitment.