Artist Ambassadors Board

Meet Artfinder’s Artist Ambassadors Board, a newly created advisory board giving the power to our artist community to shape the future of Artfinder and of the art world.

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What will the board do?

Our new Artist Ambassadors Board is a body of 12 Artfinder artists, selected after careful consideration amongst our team members - who we will work closely with on all things Artfinder. They will be a voice for the wider community and will be representing the diversity of the art and artists we have on our platform. We hope that the Ambassadors Board will help us shape the future of Artfinder and the wider art world.

Artists Ambassadors will help us better understand the needs of artists, will help us prioritise our wider work, as well as perform deep dives into complex issues. As we face the challenges of running a global marketplace whilst staying true to our B Corp ideals, there’s a huge opportunity for us to connect more closely with all our artists, i.e. those who we are here to serve.

Meet our ambassadors

To ensure that we keep delivering the best possible experience for our community, we want to ensure our artists are represented in our decision-making. Meet the 12 Ambassadors who will accompany us on this exciting new journey!

Photo of Vé Boisvert

Vé Boisvert

Painter, Canada

Painting soon became a therapeutic form of release for her, but also a livelihood fuelled by passion. Since embarking on this artistic journey, she's been exposed in many galleries, fairs, symposiums, and various private events. Her paintings have been sold in more than twenty countries across the globe and her works featured in lots of magazines and media.

Photo of Alexandra Buckle

Alexandra Buckle

Printmaker, UK

Inspired by countryside walks and the changes in weather and season upon the landscape, Alexandra's prints are impressionistic in style; She aims for colour, contrast, depth and detail. She works from a simple printmaking studio she created at her home in Oxfordshire, where she also teaches lino privately, and regularly runs larger linocutting workshops at other local venues.

Photo of Yenny Cocq

Yenny Cocq

Sculptor, US

Sculptor born and raised in Hamburg, Germany. She also lived in Copenhagen, Denmark for over a decade where she owned a gallery. She now resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Her work is internationally represented and in corporate and private collections. Her artistic spectrum spans from printmaking, acrylic painting, jewellery to sculpture.

Photo of Journey Gong

Journey Gong

Photographer, US

Journey Gong is a Chinese American artist. Guided by the creative writing process he developed during his academic training, his serialised photographs are concise and rich in emotion. He is an award-winning photographer now based in the United States, whose poetic interpretations of cultural landscapes have been featured in many publications.

Photo of Peter Goodhall

Peter Goodhall

Painter, UK

As a professional artist throughout his working life, mostly following the painting in oils on canvas route, Peter divided his time between traditional and more contemporary imagery. His career, following a Fine Art degree, although perhaps rather conservative, took him on a course incorporating solo shows, trade exhibitions and much more.

Photo of Ryan Louder

Ryan Louder

Painter, UK

Ryan is an artist and Multi Platinum Songwriter/Composer based in the UK. He is a prolific painter. Ryan has brain disorder narcolepsy which fuels his creativity through rem intrusion auditory and visual hallucinations. He documents these dreams and hypnagogic hallucinations in his paintings.

Photo of Tasia Graham

Tasia Graham

Digital Artist/Painter, UK

Tasia Graham is a digital artist/traditional painter based in the UK. She likes to create illustrative narratives in digital and traditional format. Highlighting topics such as women empowerment, spirituality and inclusivity, she explores bold, atmospheric, narrative illustration, using her colourful palette and fluid, stylized drawing techniques.

Photo of Daniela Roughsedge

Daniela Roughsedge

Painter, Sweden

Daniela is a full time artist based in Sweden, working mainly in the realist tradition. She believes art to be a form of communication at a deeper human level with a power to transcend boundaries. Daniela finds inspiration all around her, in nature, books, films etc. and is always on the lookout for a thing of beauty.

Photo of Carolynne Coulson

Carolynne Coulson

Painter/Printmaker, UK

Carolynne’s main creative avenues are painting and printmaking but she likes trying many other artforms too. She lives in rural North Yorkshire close to the North Yorkshire Moors and the North Sea coast and feels very fortunate to have such a beautiful muse. Her abstract paintings give vent to her more experimental side.

Photo of Preston Smith

Preston M. Smith

Painter, US

Preston has been creating art professionally for 20 years, from moody Pop Surrealism to highly textured and vibrantly colored Abstract paintings. Preston’s work has been showcased alongside David Lynch and at the Inaugural Purple Ball for President Obama’s Inauguration in 2009, where he was commissioned to paint 12 portraits of the President.

Photo of Pavel Kuragin

Pavel Kuragin

Mixed media, Russia

Pavel Kuragin is a self-taught artist based in Moscow, Russia. He often leads to experimenting with certain ideas and techniques in his art. Pavel uses different media - for example, painted pieces of book pages for watercolour, handmade paper for creating collages, draws using oil pastel on book pages, magazine sheets or craft paper.

Photo of Jerome Cholet

Jerome Cholet

Collagist, Germany

Jerome is a German based artist, who mostly does collages - analogue and digitally as NFTs. Collaging to him means to digest reality, to separate things or to reassemble them in a new way. Most of his inspiration comes from Social Media and traditional media! He recycles materials, like fashion magazines or newspapers and other prints.