Artist Ambassadors Board

Meet Artfinder’s Artist Ambassadors Board, a newly created advisory board giving the power to our artist community to shape the future of Artfinder and of the art world.

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What will the board do?

Our new Artist Ambassadors Board is a body of 12 Artfinder artists, selected after careful consideration amongst our team members - who we will work closely with on all things Artfinder. They will be a voice for the wider community and will be representing the diversity of the art and artists we have on our platform. We hope that the Ambassadors Board will help us shape the future of Artfinder and the wider art world.

Artists Ambassadors will help us better understand the needs of artists, will help us prioritise our wider work, as well as perform deep dives into complex issues. As we face the challenges of running a global marketplace whilst staying true to our B Corp ideals, there’s a huge opportunity for us to connect more closely with all our artists, i.e. those who we are here to serve.

Meet our ambassadors

To ensure that we keep delivering the best possible experience for our community, we want to ensure our artists are represented in our decision-making. Meet the 8 Ambassadors who will accompany us on this exciting journey!

Photo of David Baker

David Baker

Photographer, UK

David is a photographer interested in the sea, the forest and common ground. Engaged by the challenge to construct new and inventive interpretations, he looks to the ever-changing possibilities of shore, sea and land. David has exhibited many times in a sole and collaborative capacity principally showing project work.

Photo of Alexandra Buckle

Alexandra Buckle

Printmaker, UK

Inspired by countryside walks and the changes in weather and season upon the landscape, Alexandra's prints are impressionistic in style; She aims for colour, contrast, depth and detail. She works from a simple printmaking studio she created at her home in Oxfordshire, where she also teaches lino privately, and regularly runs larger linocutting workshops at other local venues.

Photo of Anna Andreadi

Anna Andreadi

Sculptor, Greece

Anna Andreadi was born in the US and raised in Greece, where she still lives. Her journey in sculpture took her through various mediums, before settling on bronze as her main material of expression. In her work, she aims to capture the magic of balance and growth in human relationships with a whimsical and optimistic attitude.

Photo of Lilia Orlova-Holmes

Lilia Orlova-Holmes

Painter, UK

Lilia works from her studio at Nucleus Art Centre in Medway. She uses art to explore her emotions, experiences, and perspectives. Her paintings combine memories, thoughts, and real and imaginary places, imbued with spontaneity and movement. She regularly exhibits at The Halpern gallery and Halpern Pop in Chatham and Rochester.

Photo of Arun Prem

Arun Prem

Painter, US

Arun Prem works as an artist and as CEO of a nonprofit transportation service for persons with disabilities. He is self-taught and has been painting since his middle school years. His preferred medium is oil and his work ranges from realism to abstraction. Inspiration for his artwork comes from his upbringing in India, from nature and his love of color.

Photo of Daniela Schweinsberg

Daniela Schweinsberg

Painter, Germany

Daniela is a contemporary artist whose work can be assigned to gestural abstraction. Starting out as a self-taught artist in 2004, she completed a Masterclass with Prof. Adam Jankowski in 2015/16 and has worked as a freelance artist since 2017. Daniela's works are represented in collections in more than 20 countries around the world.

Photo of Alfred Ng

Alfred Ng

Painter/Collage, Canada

Alfred was born in Hong Kong but grew up in Canada. He discovered his love of making art early in childhood and through art making, he learned about kindness, observation, and patience. He is living a life of contentment with endless curiosity. His work is mainly watercolours but also includes paper cutting, sculpture, recycled art and photography.

Photo of Holly Wojhan

Holly Wojahn

Painter, US

Holly started exhibiting with a reputable Galerie in Paris thirty years ago, which changed her career. Images of typical Parisian Cafes and shops comprise the majority of her work. She now lives on the French Riviera and finds ancient, colourful scenery of the Mediterranean Towns and Hillside Villages that surround her continually inspiring.