Artfinder's Impact: 2023

At Artfinder, we are committed to doing as much good as we can. By the end of 2022, we planted more than 200,000 trees, recertified as a B Corp (improving our Impact Score by 37%!), maintained our best-in-class Trustpilot score of 4.9, and much more. Read all about it through our latest impact report.

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200,000 trees and counting

In November 2020, we started funding the planting of at least one tree for every artwork sold through the site, in partnership with Ecologi. In a little over two years, we’ve planted more than 200,000 trees and have offset 570+ tonnes of CO2e. We've also contributed to the funding of 48 different eco-projects, including a wind power project in Mexico and peatland restoration in Indonesia.

2+ years climate impact
570T+ carbon reduction
200,000 trees in the forest

We have joined The Million Tree Pledge as a founder member, committing to Artfinder planting one million trees by 2030. We’re also a ‘climate positive workforce’ meaning that carbon is offset for every Artfinder employee, including one tree planted per employee, per month.

In 2022, we improved our B Corp Impact Score by 37%

Our proudest moments of 2021

Artfinder artists by gender

On Artfinder, women get the opportunity to be truly equal, with an all-time total population of Artfinder split 55% women, 42% men (and 3% unknown).

Artfinder artists by gender
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Artist financial impact

In 2022, 21.2% of artists made the majority (50%+) of their art income through Artfinder, that’s higher than ever before. We’d like to see this number at 100%, but every step we take gets us closer.

Our worldwide community of artists is our biggest asset


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The importance of digital platforms

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Since our 2021-2022 impact report (click here to read), unprecedented global events have continued to affect us all, but we are still committed to doing as much good as we can. Read all about our achievements and goals through our latest impact report.

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